How To Behave After Breaking The Love

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Before writing the article a few hours ago my teeth were pulled by the dentist. The dental condition is very bad. We should take care in proper time. But I was unable to take care. All of you please take care of your teeth. Due to the pain of the torment of teeth. Tooth pain is almost the same with a broken bone. However, no matter how big the pain is, breaking a loving pain isn’t anything to the teeth pain. Because, due to dental tortures a few days, then it is approached to the dentist. He was able to end the troubles. It’s a matter of weeks of everything inclusive.

There is no doctor of love. So there is no easy solution to troubles. The love breaks up to me months of the month, in some cases, it seems like the pain of a toothache and toothache every year. Fatal pain

When we get any serious pain, the mood went to very bad level. We angry with everyone. Like, at this moment, I want to beat myself a lot. Why do not take care of the tooth before? There is anger against the doctor, anger against the mother. But I’m not punching myself, I do not abuse the doctor, I do not broach my mother, and even try to use my best with my cats.

We should not do anything when we’re angry. Especially, which anger that comes from a lot of pain, the pain of the anger should never be reacted to pain, whether the reaction is physical, verbal or emotional.

It is normal to be angry from extreme pain. All the creatures in the world are getting angry from their pain. The Tigers usually become cannibal from a big pain. But there is a difference between all the other creatures and humans. For that reason, after being a break up with a girlfriend, it is not acceptable to behave in any kind of manner by killing five punch or by hacking her Facebook account.

When the love breaks, the first task is to control your anger and not show any reaction as long as it exists. To themselves or to people of love.

Everyone’s anger does not slow down at a time. Someone’s anger decreases within a few days, in some weeks, someone else takes more time to went slow down. Whenever anger becomes embarrassing, usually we feel pain after an angry slowdown. That pain is very bad. A kind of helpless-vacancy moves around. We feel alone. It seems very small to myself. It is very important to feel sorry for yourself at this time. The way a mother keeps her child protects, pardons-she will have to forgive herself. All the good things in life will be remembered. Life must be brought to a tolerable place. It’s not easy. But like all the hard work they are very serious.

If you can forgive yourself, then you have to plan ahead. Where you’ve wrong. I hope that my teeth wound will remove one day. After that, if I become ‘whoever’, then what is the profit? The teeth will have to be brushed well if I do not that after a few months the doctor house will have to go. Love or life decisions are even more difficult. Therefore it is advisable to concentrate on it more difficult.

After breaking the love three steps – Anger, anguish and the next plan. In these three steps, two things are very urgent. Continuing other activities and staying around good people. After pulling the teeth, I am writing this article and after some time disturbing my editor.

The pain of breaking love is not a simple matter. But to maintain peace and civilization, this troubles must be properly handled. To love yourself, to love others.

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