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How Many Effects Age Difference In Married Life

How Many Effects Age Difference In Married Life
How Many Effects Age Difference In Married Life - Pixabay

There has no end the discussion of how many age differences should be in conjugal life. Especially one of the topics discussed into the young people.

But after the review of the discussion, the decision that can be heard – the boy should be older than the age of the girl and secondly, the age difference should be between 3 to 8.
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But the question is, what is the logic of this idea? This is the last thing about age differences? How many age difference should be applicable in married life? Let’s take a look at these issues: First, the difference in age is not a barrier to marriage. At least in Islam, there is no restriction on this matter. But the fact is, without exception, if the wife is something younger, then the bridal management becomes much easier. Because, in any case, it is easy for everybody to lead a junior, but it is easy for someone to lead a senior, but it is a bit difficult for most. And the need to say- in the family the male is a director or leader, it’s defined by Allah, and the woman is his associate or follower.

Suppose you are a male with low age and your personality is strong, then it is easy for you to lead a senior wife. But if you are older than your wife and your personality is weak, then it will be good for you to lead your junior wife because you are senior. Now problem is- if your personality is weak and you are junior from your wife, then you will face many problems to manage your conjugal life.

It’s not understandable how much strong your personality before fully entered into conjugal life. Someone is simple, but in conjugal life he is strong. Besides, someone is very qualified, but in conjugal life, he is disqualified. Relatives think about his quality. So your personality will prove after entering into married life.
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Starting a marriage with the seniority. Then what have luck

Everybody want spontaneous love in a bridal life. We know, like and love are not the same. Love of man and love of women is different. Generally, men love women’s femininity, femininity will be full, love will be as deep as possible. But love from women is a respected person. Naturally, every woman wants to see her life partner as honorable. One who will be a sanctuary, one who loves to go and cession with him, can rely on confidently, walk behind him to close eyes. It’s the innate desire of a woman. So this respect comes as a qualification, and the age brings honor.

If the boss is a senior in the office, then it’s easy to follow his direction without hesitation. But if the boss is the same rank or the same qualification, then his normal direction seems to be occasionally defective and annoying. If the senior boss takes a wrong decision, other stuff doesn’t protest it. But if the same thing does the same age boss, everybody goes against him. It’s simple. There was no doubt a family is the place of love and co-operative, at the same time it’s one of the world’s most complicated and actionable organizations. Without the good leadership, this complex work institution will be ruin in a moment. “We are not the masters of the Husband-Wife, but we have to go ahead with our love” – that is going on Facebook or literature, in reality, there should have a leader and another will help him. Here, leadership is a big factor. The age difference makes this leadership easy to follow.

Age differences also affect children

It is also very important for the family to have respect for husband-wife. Children’s mentality depends on it. When they saw their mother respected their father, they grew up with their parent’s respect and adherence to loyalty. And when the relationship between husband-wife is bargaining, then children grow as they see. Nowadays parents have complained- “children do not listen to them, and so many angry”. In fact, it is unnecessary to say that this type behavior of children is largely responsible for the lack of respectable relationship between parents.

You should use your sixth-sense to operate a senior wife, but it is smooth if you marry a junior wife. But it’s not applicable for everybody. There have many persons in our society- they can win love from anybody with their personality.

Now the question is, how much should junior my wife?

The factor is many junior girls can easily adapt to a senior, this is their innate quality. Again, it is tough to co-operate with a same-aged woman. Hadrat Aisha (R.) was self-sufficient with Mohammad (SM). We can see it in their conversation. We have an exisiting example is Melania-Trump. So, don’t only see the age from biodata, take a

So, the age difference in the biodata have less or more, it is not a fact, investigate about him, then try to understand him with face-to-face conversation, it is wise to make a decision. This advice applies to both boys and girls.



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