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Hajj Pilgrims – Health And Medical Tips

Heath and medical tips for hajj pilgrim
Heath and medical tips for hajj pilgrim

Every year, a large number of people go Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj. Many of them have diabetes, hypertension, heartburn, nerves and lymphogenic, kidney complications etc. Many people got sick after went there. Before going to Hajj, it is better to list the number of medicines and essential medicines from your doctor.

You can follow the below suggestions. Hope that it’ll make happy your Hajj Travel.

* Hajj has to walk a lot in various formalities. So it is better to practice a few walking steps. Buy comfortable walking shoes. Adjust it later by walking without taking completely new shoes.

* Mecca weather is dry and warm. So eat plenty of water, fruit, fruit juices. But if you have diabetes, avoid sweet drinks or juice, eat more water. You can eat saline if you sweat more. Do not overeat or little bit anything.

* Due to not being accustomed to dry weather many peoples have inflammation in the atmosphere. For gathering the respiratory infection spreads rapidly. A cough, throat pain, flu, sneezing, fever, are not diverse. Hubble-Hubble with little-bit hot water. Take paracetamol, anti-Antihistamine medicines. Good to use a mask.

* There is a risk of having hit strokes. In continuous sunshine avoid walking or hard work. Sit back and relax in a cool place. Use ultra-sunshade umbrellas. Avoid gathering or pushing.

* Diabetes patients will be eating on time after taking the medication. Never miss blood pressure or heart disease, the inhaler of asthma.

* Take some medicines, food-saline packets, cotton-bandages for cutting, iodine, Savlon, antiseptic and ointment of powders. Take a glucometer, thermometer. Keep up with the doctor’s prescription. Take few glasses.

* If you feel sick, do not hesitate to take help from Hajj-Mision or nearby Health Camp.

Dr. A Hasnat Sahin
Diabetes and hormonal specialist, BIHS Hospital



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