Google-Facebook Is Threat To Human Civilization: Julian Assange

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Multinational corporations, like Google-Facebook, are the form of ‘multidisciplinary digital federation’ on the basis of the existing democratic structure of society; the world’s leading alternative media WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has commented on it. He thinks that Google and Facebook are taking the mechanical dominance of artificial intelligence to society at such a stage; Which has pushed human civilization into a threat. This is revealed by a report from the British Media International Business Times citing a statement from Assange.

Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 2012 after two women accused of sexually assaulting in Sweden. But he has denied the allegations of rape ever since. Assange has made a statement from the embassy for organizing an online-based seminar ‘Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship‘ organized by the World Socialist website. Assange has claimed that he is a geopolitical analyst. He said that these big companies have been setting up a multidisciplinary digital federation.

This statement was presented to everyone on Tuesday. He said the emergence of multi-national digital federations like Google, Facebook and their Chinese counterparts and their affiliation under their existing framework brought the new social structure to the fore. Creating is the new trend of communication. Assange said- “the Internet is on the one hand, such as knowing the alterations and bringing about a revolution in education, on the other hand, it is hurting the foundations of the existing democratic structure.”

Assange said- this social impact of artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity. He also said these tech companies are giving a new look to culture and politics. They were able to do this in speed and shape, before which was never possible.

Assange said, “we can solve the problem of nuclear war, climate change, epidemic disease, and we can solve it through discussion.” Due to decreasing immunity, it will be more deadly.About a digital threat, he said, there will be conflicts in the future that people will control the device or the device control the man.

Assange is afraid that if he goes to Sweden, the Swedish government will arrest him and return him to the US government. And the US government will give him the death sentence in the name of the trial on charges of espionage. Assange wants conformity that if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy he will not return to Sweden or the United States government. Last year Swedish prosecutors stopped the investigation. But the arrest warrant was issued against him for breaching the conditions of the bail. WikiLeaks has alleged that the US authorities are also pressing to expel Assange.

Finally, if you read more article on Assange you will know that he is also a social worker. He works for the humanity. We should stand with him. Share the article with your friends.

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