Garlic Qualities To Increase Sexual Ability

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Garlic is used as a spice. But it has important role in our sexual life. Men as well as have a sexual problem like as women. Especially for men, there is a sexual disability for the underlying quality of the sperm. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), any male can become barren, if every milliliter sperm has less than 20 million testicles.

Bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol, uncontrolled sexual-life, lack of exercise, etc. are increasing day by day. But garlic is helpful in this case. It is very good to produce sperm.
red_garlic garlic
Garlic gives very good results in case of sexual impairment. It is called ‘Penicillin for poor’. Because it acts as antiseptic and it is the most available vegetable and most of the day we take it as food. Its use is very effective in reducing your sexual energy.

It also helps you to regain your sexual energy due to any disease or accident, but if you have the excessive sexual energy or excessive sexual desire, it may damage the nervous system, and therefore garlic is also very effective.
garlic_and_flower garlic

How to eat garlic

Every day eat few clove of garlic and make it rule, as a result it will make long of your sexual life. Those who have gone into adulthood, they will eat two cloves of garlic every day with pure ghee by frying in oil. But after eating it should drink little hot water or milk. You will get good results.

To protect the youth, it can be eaten in other ways. Take two spoons of raw olive oil juice, blend with two cloves of garlic. It’s useful for both men and women.


Those who have problem bleeding doesn’t stop easily from their body, they should not eat more. Because it prevents the action of blood clotting. As a result, it may be difficult to stop bleeding. Furthermore, excess use of it may cause allergies in the body. Therefore, it is better to not eat extra garlic in those cases. If you feel embarrassed in your stomach after eating it, stop eating it. It is better do not eat it which mom give milk her child. Because of eating it, it can go to the baby stomach and can create embarrassed.

So, be careful to eat the spice. Gather knowledge about it. If possible discuss with an Ayurvedic specialist. Wish your good life. Share the post with your FnF.

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