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For Reducing The Belly Fat Or Extra Weight

For Reducing The Belly Fat Or Extra Weight
For Reducing The Belly Fat Or Extra Weight - Unsplash

Many people complain that they do not get enough time to eat properly during the busy day. As a result, it’s creating visible and invisible sick in our body, as well as wrong food habits are created. If you do not eat all day long and then eating too much. You have decreased some weight by decreasing eating habit. So, due to lack of specific dietary diet, the weight starts to rise within a few days. The fat start to gather. However, if you follow some rules then the fat will start to decrease. Nowadays this is the arrangement of those foods. Akhtarunnahar Alo have advised-

Green tea

green_tea weight
It contains some nutrients that contain antioxidants, which help in reducing fat and increasing memory. Reduces the risk of cancer. Regular eating of green tea will start to lose weight.

Chili pepper

chili_pepper weight
In a raw pepper have Capsaicin, which is effective in shaping the body. Any kind of chopped or raw chili powder enhances metabolism and burn calories on its own. So more chili food can reduce the weight.

Sago grain

sago_grain weight
If you are absolutely vegetarian then do not worry about Omega-3. The Omega-3 have in the Sago grain, which will help to reduce weight. It contains anti-oxidants, calcium, iron and a large amount of fiber.


ginger_tea weight
Ginger helps digestion. Ginger and tea will give peace to all day long, so it will help to reduce anxiety.

Fish oil

fish_oil weight
Fish oil contains Omega-3, which will help reduce weight. Fish oil helps in the formation of bones, increases memory, and increases the required cholesterol. Fish oil helps to reduce weight and belly fat.


lemon_water weight
Lemon-water made without sugar helps reduce body fat. Lemon-water keeps the liver clean, it increases the fat burning activities in the body.


Cinnamon weight
Cinnamon helps reduce body fat by increasing metabolism. Besides, cinnamon reduces the levels of sugar in the body, which reduces the risk of diabetes.

Lin meat

lin_meat weight
After boiling meat remove water from it, that means you’ll change water. Which water you have used to boil it, change with new water. Those who love to eat meat can eat lean meat without eating the oil-fat meat. 30 percent weight will decrease for eating lin meat than normal meat.


water weight
Drink plenty of water. Water will keep you safe from various diseases of the body. Due to lack of water, besides a headache can cause many diseases. Water will also get rid of you for this disease.

After weight loss, uncontrolled eating habits and wrong lifestyle can increase the weight again. It is harmful to the body as well as on one hand, so it can be made weight-related frustrations.

Writer: Dilruba Sharmin



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