Foods that increase weight

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Weight. Many of us are overweight, there are some people who are underweight. Both are problems for staying healthy. Lack of proper weight guidance according to height can lead to difficulty in normal life. Generally, if an adult man weighs less than the standard weight, he suffers the ‘underweight’ problem. If he is underweight, his immunity is completely reduced. Many underweight people tell me that after wearing the desired clothes, they look like they are hanging on a hanger. Apart from this, various harsh words are also heard due to low weight. All in all, frustration comes to life. So you can eat some foods regularly to gain weight to keep yourself healthy. This will help you gain weight.


Dried fruits

Dried fruits are the ideal food for increasing weight. They have high-calorie levels. So eating dried Almonds, Raisins, Dates will fulfill your desire to get fat very quickly. Start eating 10-12 Almonds or Cashews, Raisins or Dates regularly at breakfast in the morning. However, it is better to soak them in half a cup of water at night and eat them in the morning before eating. If eaten at least three times a day, you will gain weight very quickly. However, this dried fruit should be eaten quantitatively.


Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a high-calorie food. So eat Peanut butter with bread or biscuits once a day. But it gains weight very quickly. Many people also like to eat Peanut butter without mixing it with any food.

Potatoes readily available

Potatoes are a food rich in Carbohydrates and complex sugars. So this ingredient will help you to gain weight very well. Eat boiled potatoes twice a day. You can also eat Potato chips fried in Olive oil. If you eat Potatoes regularly for two months, you will notice the difference in your weight.


Eggs can help to increase weight

You can easily rely on eggs to gain weight. The fats, proteins, and good calories in it are very beneficial for our body. If you want to gain weight, start eating eggs regularly. Eat three or four egg whites every day, you will regain weight quickly. However, do not eat raw eggs in any way. The white part of the boiled egg should be eaten. Regularly eating eggs will increase your weight in two months.

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Rice starch to increase weight

Rice is cooked in everyone’s house. The starch that comes out after cooking rice also increases the weight by eating the starch. After sifting the rice, you can collect the starch separately and drink it with a little salt. Rice starch has a lot of energy. It helps the body to get fat.


Assorted vegetables

Eat vegetables occasionally without eating roasted liver with parotta. Among the vegetables, Potatoes, Carrots, Beans, etc. are good for weight gain. In addition, Pulses also help in weight gain.

fried foods

Fresh fruit

You can have fruits for breakfast. Among the fruits, sweet fruits like Apples, Grapes, Bananas, Pears, etc. are good for weight gain.

Eat these foods regularly, weight problems can be easily overcome. However, gaining weight and gaining extra weight is not a good idea. So keep it under control after gaining the desired weight. Only then can you stay healthy.

Author: Ishrat Jahan, Nutritionist, Dhaka

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