Follow These Ten Steps To Get Body Figure Like Deepika

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Not only for acting, Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone is also known for her flexible beautiful body and greyhound form. On January 5, 2018, this star’s 32nd birthday. But she is still able to continue as a 25-year-old girl. Those who want to get young people like Deepika body structure, they can follow and try these steps. Deepika’s fitness trainer Yasmin Karachi said herself that the mystery of her body-building.

1. Whatever the work, Deepika does not forget to do yoga exercises after waking from sleep at every morning. The dawn of this exercise helps to provide physical and emotional strength throughout the day.

2. Deepika regularly practicing the body in the gym- pilates exercise, box jumping, bench exercise, kettlebell swing etc. to keeping her body free from fat.

4. Deepika tried to avoid junk food and sugary food as much as possible. He does not even smoke. He also tries to avoid those people who are smoke or junk food restaurant.

5. Instead, a big meal she eats small amount foods all day long. Sometimes she passes her all day by eating fruits. She likes to eat apple, grape, guava, tomatoes, pears etc.

6. In the morning, Deepika completes her breakfast with the white part of the two eggs, some fruits and one glass of non-fat milk. She always tries to avoid fatty foods. Actually, our body looks like as aged body for the body fat. So if you want to myself young, you must remove extra fat or weight from your body.

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7. In the lunch, she eats vegetable and broils fish with hand-made bread. Wheat bread is nutritious besides very helpful for reducing body fat.

8. In the dinner, she eats bread instead or rice with vegetable and pulse. Rice has heavy amount protein and it helps to increase fat. So she tries to eat less amount rice.

9. Deepika Padukone all day long drink lot’s of water, she drinks fruit juice and coconut water. Occasionally drink coffee but all are without the sugar.

10. Bengaluru’s daughter Deepika is the most preferred food in South India. She liked coconut and Sambar with Dosha. When she is no shooting spot, she tries to eat home-made food.

Actually, Deepika is a beautiful woman. If you wish to make body something like her, you can follow those rules. It’ll be hard for if you are new in diet, but if you adhere to it, you can get the look nice and beautiful slim body.

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