Follow Some Rules And Regulations In Cinema Hall

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In the cinema hall, many people feel embarrassed for our unconscious behavior. There should not behave as when we are showing a movie in our own home. Many of us in the cinema hall or in the movie theaters behave like watching movies at home, which is not right at all. Today know, what you will do in theater or will not do-

Not too late

Please enter 15th minute ago, before opening the movie. Should never be late for one or two minutes. You will have to walk in front of many audiences when you are late, which will disturb the attention of others. If someone is delayed in front of you, then feel about how you think about it.

Enter the queue

Enter the row of entries in the movie hall. Do not spoil others entertainment by creating chaos in a hurry. Buy the popcorn or other things while standing in line. Exit through queue from the theatre at end of the movie.

Walk carefully

Do not walk indifferently in the cinema hall. Your popcorn or cold drinks may fall on others due to unconsciousness. Since in theaters have a little light, so be careful while walking.

Keep the mobile phone off

Since movies for the entertainment, so keep your mobile phone in the ‘silent’ mode. If you want to talk, in interval time go to the toilet or fresh room and speak in a low voice. If you use a mobile phone in the theater, the lighting of the display may cause another discomfort. The light of your mobile phone will always be uncomfortable for the eyes of the audience sitting behind you. Be careful.

Beware of conversations

Be careful while talking to the next person. Avoid talking about all kinds of unnecessary things. Others may feel uncomfortable talking whispered.

Do not push the front seat with the legs

Many have seen a bad habit in the theaters. Sitting in our seats, we pushed the front seat unknowingly with a foot. The person who sits in front may not tell you anything for the sake of courtesy, but be aware of yourself.

Do not go to the theaters with illness

Never go to a cinema hall with a cough or sneezing. Imagine, you’re watching a movie and someone beside you sneezing at a stretch, how many it is painful!

Beware of children

It is better not to take children in the cinema hall at all, especially newborn or under-2 children. No one will tell you when the child hurries, but the atmosphere of the movie hall will be wasted.

Do not eat soundly

We eat popcorn or cold drink in such a way that it embarrasses the beside man. Never create sound when eating. It’s totally a bad habit.

Share the handle

The position of the seats in the theater is in such a way that the two sitting beside the people have to share a handle. If the beside person is unfamiliar before watching the movie, discuss with him about the sharing of the handle. Do not see the whole three-hour movie by using the handle, give a chance to the besides viewer.

Sit down consciously

Sit down carefully in the theaters and tell the family members to sit consciously. Sit in such a way that someone can walk by in front of you. If you want to walk again, walk slowly by saying ‘Excuse me’ or ‘little side, please’. Do not sit in such a way that others watch the movie are interrupted. You should be aware that your positive behavior will follow and imitate the children in your family.

Do not chaos with friend team

As we go to the cinema with friends and family, it is normal for us to overcome. But in the course of the movie, avoid all kinds of music or playing the wolf-whistle. Avoid wolf-whistle totally. Do not call by name or scream.

Put the dirt in a particular place

Carefully remove your popcorn packet or soft glasses in a specific place. Do not drop below the chair or wherever.

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