Flat Sandals Have Also Health Risks

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We often hear that there is a lot of harms due to wearing heel shoes. Feeling of pain in the leg, knee joints, and other problems faced with heel shoe. And for this reason, many wear flat sandals or shoes. But is flat shoes also good for your feet? No, absolutely flat sandals or shoes have some health risks you might not know. Today, know about some of the health risks associated with wearing flat shoes and sandals.

Know about flat shoes

1. For the use of flat shoes can be an ‘Onikoskizia’ foot nail disease. That is due to soil, water or street dust. This can be seen more in teenagers, even for boys.

2. Due to the use of flat shoes, the dust-sand can easily plaque on the foot. Due to the dust, the ankle skin becomes harder. That is why ankle of the foot may bursts.
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3. If you wear flat shoes, the feet are very close to the ground, water or the road. This can easily cause fungus attack in the foot nails and finger.

4. The rainy season easily enters the bacteria on foot. So think twice about wearing the perfect flat shoes. At least in the rainy season.

5. When you wear the flat shoe, the entire body-pressure fall on the foot. If the pressure decreases slightly, the pressure on the back part of the leg is more. The muscles are damaged in it.

6. If you long time wear the thin sole shoes, there may be permanent damage to the feet. ‘Hammer Toe’ problem may occur, ie- tendency to bend the feet is basically due to the wearing of flat shoes.

7. Many people chose flat shoes for walking all day. But when we walk a long time to wear flat shoes, it creates flames or blisters, which is very painful.

8. The problem of spreading the fingers is also seen in the use of flat shoes. When you wear flat shoes and move forward a step, all toe touch the ground for holding the balance.

9. Long time due to the use of flat shoes, the shape of the toes may be broken. Fingers can spread around. So time to be consciousness.

10. Due to the use of flat shoes, the dust touches toes easily. Due to this, itching of all organs or allergic problems in the skin of the top of the foot.


If you want to wear heels, it should be kept in mind that stiletto heel and pointer heels are not good for the body. Because the ‘do not wear sandals’, it does not mean that you will always wear heel shoes. Wear simple 1/2 to 2-inch heel shoes without wearing flat sandals or shoes. Try to use something heel shoes, no need to wear flat shoes for a long time. Be careful about foot toe.

In this case, OG heel shoes are comfortable. And the health risk is very low. Because it’s also available at Hill and Flat shoes facilities.

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