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Famous Movies, Notorious Faults

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Filmmakers in Hollywood have burned many wood-and-burn, research, after screenwriting they produce famous movies. They spend million dollars to make a movie and it does not fail to conquer the viewer’s mind. However, as the director and craftsmen try to create the perfect movie, there is no defect anywhere. But today I’ll tell you some of the famous movie big mistakes which avoided in our eyes.

1. Cylinder in the Gladiator movie

gladiator famous movies
The Gladiator of director Radley Scott built on the historical background of 180 after the release of Russell Crowe’s film in May 2000, not only did he face the success, but also won Oscar awards in various categories. But the film critics found a wrong in the movie. This image is an example!

2. Adidas’ cloth on the pirate head

pirate famous movies
US filmmaker Gore Verbinski released the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ in 2003, not only in the United States but also in the whole world, it got the same popularity. In the role of Captain Jack Sparrow as the pirate of the Caribbean Islands, Johnny Depp has put a stereo look. But his perfect acting questioned a little piece of cloth! That’s the tag of popular German company Adidas.

3. Car in the Brave Heart

brave_heart famous movies
Based on the background of 1280, Hollywood popular actor Mel Gibson created ‘Brave Heart’. The film was released in 1995 with the story of the independence struggle of Scotland, it would have won all hearts. The film also won Oscar awards in various categories. But the critics gave some mistakes in the film by judging them with hair some judgment. A car appears in the movie behind the cavalry.

4. Matrix

matrix famous movies
A Hollywood-made film gets its popularity in 1999 when it was released. But in the first film of the series, critics found an error in several scenes. While the Oscars award movie shows the door handles are focused, the camera lenses are seen there.

5. Avengers

avengers famous movies
The Avengers, released in Hollywood in 2012, about Marvel’s popular cartoon characters. The film gets huge popularity all over the world. But in some scenes, the film critics find faults. In the picture, Thor falls down on the car. But there is no match for the bumper from the bottom of the car where he is coming out.

6. X Man

x_man famous movies
Critics find faults in a few scenes of the X-Men made in Hollywood in 2000 with cartoon characters. Faults showing in the image.

7. Titanic

titanic famous movies
James Cameron’s famous film Titanic was not perfect, but high quality. It is clear that film critics have mentioned it in the film.

8. Troy

troy famous movies
There is something wrong in the epic-based Troy movie starring Brad Pitt which is ineligible for forgiveness. When he is acting as ‘Akilis’ character a plane is flying over the head.

In addition, no one over is wrong. The movie is a movie, it’s not real, so faults is simple there. BTW, it was a fun post. Just enjoy. Keep reading the blog website. Share the article with your friends and social media. Comment with your own opinion. Happy life with good wishes.

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