Everyone Needs To Know: 10 Warning Signs Of AIDS-HIV

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At now AIDS-HIV is a big problem all over the world. This is a huge problem in the developing and non-developing countries. It is a very big disease, not only in the non-negotiable country but in the developing world. Many people die from this disease. Unprotected sex, infection, an injection used helps to spread the disease. The world is spreading awareness about how to get rid of this disease by safe sex.

It takes too long time to know if a person is HIV-infected or not. Sometimes he does not realize that he is infected with HIV. Some signs that you know about which you can understand if you are HIV-infected.
hiv_symptoms hiv aids

Chronic fever

Fever is a normal thing. But if your fever remains long and frequent, then it is a symptom of HIV positive. So it is very necessary to take treatment for a long time.


HIV germs prevent the effectiveness of our body. That is why we feel tired when we do any work. Even when we did minor work, our body came to fatigue.

Knot pain

HIV at first attack our muscle, so the patient fell pain all time. It spoils the effectiveness of our muscle cell, as a result – we feel pain.

Headache and throat disorder

A person infected with HIV, the disease-resistance power slowed down gradually. So they are often seen as headaches and throat disorders.
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Skin itching and stains

It is said that- if any disease attacks us, our skin would tell it first. It is also noticed in the body of an HIV attacked the person. A person with HIV attacked poses a scar on his body.

Weight Loss

The weight of an infected person suddenly decreases drastically. Because at this time we see food reluctant and the desire to eat slowly goes away.

Dry cough

Always having a dry cough is a big sign of HIV positive. You’ve no fever or cold problem, but it’s sneezing with the dry-cough.

Extra sweating at night

Another symptom of this disease is that sleep goes out at night. Dyspnoea and feeling uneasy. As a result, sleep doesn’t come in the right way.
aids_germ hiv aids

Unhealthy and yellow nails

HIV affected person nails become unhealthy and yellow, and this unhealthy and yellow nail indicates that you are HIV attacked.

Lack of concentration

Another major symptom of this disease is the lack of concentration. After this disease, no human can do any work intensely.

If you have any symptoms, contact the doctor right away. Because you too can be HIV attacked. Share the article on your social media profile.

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