Do Not Use 11 Things For Beautiful Look

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Understand or not understand we do many things for increasing skin brightness. Do we think how many harmful it is for our skin? For example- on the occasion of various festivals, everybody draws in our body, when we use Deodorant sometimes it touch our face, many people use lotion on the face. But do you know, this can create a big problem for your body and skin? Let’s know, 11 objects that you will not use never in your face.
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1) If you have to use hair-spray, then cover your face. It contains lacquers and alcohol which is responsible for skin rashes, premature wrinkles, and allergic reactions.

2) Deodorant prevents sweating in your underarm, that means it’s not- your face will not sweat. Therefore, many girls spray the deodorant in their face, for keeping the set makeup or for a little less sweat. Do not this work.

3) Be careful when you make the color in your hair, the color should not touch in your face. Many people color the eyebrows to match with hair color, which is very harmful.

4) Do not use Dalda (a type of spice) or ghee products on your face. These products are too heavy for the face skin and enough to stop the pore.

5) Yes, shampoo keeps the skin and hair clean of your head. But that does not mean that shampoo is good for your face skin. Be careful while shampooing your hair it will not touch your appear.

6) Do not take the word “serum” with the name of “hair serum”, do not assume that it is good for your skin. Use the serum that is completely ready for hair, not for other skin.

7) In particular, many people in our country are using body lotions in their face. They think which is suitable for body, that is also good for face. But the fact is that body lotion is too heavy for your face, facial skin is soft rather than body skin. It has various aromatic elements which are not good for the face. There are needs more light elements of the face skin.

8) Foot cream or Vaseline do not use on your face skin.

9) While kids are playing, they draw nail in the face with nail polish. Do not make this mistake, never. This harmful chemical keep away from the face.

10) Vinegar used in domestic works. When you use it, do not touch your skin. Even at first wash hand, then touch your face.

11) Mayonnaise is fun for eating, therefore, so very good for hair. But not good for the face at all. Although many people talk about it to use as face masks, it is not good at all.

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