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Do 10 Things To Remove Stomach Gas Problem

Do 10 Things To Remove Stomach Gas Problem
Do 10 Things To Remove Stomach Gas Problem - Pixabay

Due to the problem of digestion, stomach gas is produced and stomach swelling. This problem is now common for most people. Due to our poor lifestyle and eating habits, there are many problems with stomach discomfort or stomach gas. However, this problem can also be caused by occasional food allergies.
Many people may have problems with stomach gas in pulses, beans, biscuits, cereals, fiber foods, eggs, meat etc. So, in this case, those who have problems should find out if there is any problem with this particular food. Then try to the food is cooked in another way, or mixing any other ingredients, cooking them for a little more time, so that digestion occur better. If someone is allergic to milk, then allergic problems can be prevented by mixing oats or little dark chocolate with milk.

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fruits stomach gas
Indigestion and stomach swelling may cause embarrassment. Because of this problem after every feeding the stomach swelling due to the gas. To get rid of this problem should know some easy and quick tips. Here are some general suggestions that help to digest food well, as well as to remove stomachache from the abdominal gas and uncomfortable conditions.

Look at whether there is food allergy

If there is an allergy in a food, it may cause stomach swelling or indigestion. In that case, they should find out the food and remove them. Sometimes, some people have allergies due to milk, called lactose intolerance. As a result, they can not digest lactose sugar in milk.

Eat food slowly

Eat slowly when you want to reduce gas stomach. Because when fast food is eaten, some air also gets into the stomach and creates swelling.

Eat less food often and again

If there is a problem with stomach gas, eat more times instead of 3 times but in less amount. Playing in this way will digest food properly and reduce the problem of gas.

You will have to eat well when chewing food

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Stomach swelling or gastrointestinal problems may occur for the food is not properly digested. It is easy to digest well when eating food in the chest. Because the first phase of food digestion begins, by mixing with chewing gum and mixing with spittle.

Massage the abdomen

It helps to remove stomach gas when it is a massage in the abdomen. If you massage the stomach with a circular rotation, then it helps to reduce the stomach gas.

Basil leaves tea

Menthol in the Basil leaves also relaxes the stomach. This leaves also help to remove indigestion. So after eating a cup of basil leaves tea, it reduces stomach swelling.


Chew some cardamom in the mouth and helps in the excretion of stomach gas and acts as a medicine for digestion. If it is eaten more or heavy meal suddenly, it also acts as cardiac medication to digest.

Exclude carbonated drinks

Baboons are created due to the presence of carbon dioxide in these beverages, and stomach gas is produced by eating these. So we have to try leaves all these sugar and drink carbonated beverages and drink only normal water.

Potassium-rich foods have to eat

You should eat more potassium-rich foods such as Palanpur, banana, nuts etc. Because potassium plays an important role in controlling the balance of the fluid in the body, it helps to reduce the stomach for excess fluid.

The abdominal gas needs to be removed

If belly gas is accumulated, it stomach swelling and hurts. It should be arranged for some time to walk or take light exercise, otherwise, it can cause discomfort.

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