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Destroy The Annoying Bedbug In One Minute, Learn The Strategy

Destroy The Annoying Bedbug In One Minute
Bed bug

The bedbug is a blood-sucking bug, this insect is really very annoying. If there is an attack on the house then there is no end to the unrest. Because Bedbugs eats blood at night and spoils your sleep.

The bedbug is warm-blooded and survives by eating another life. The insect stays at the edge of the bed, mosquito-net, and pillow, but they are also found in trains or bus seats. Although the bedbugs are one of the preferred habitats – mattress, sofas and other furniture. Although it is not completely nocturnal, the Bedbugs are usually more active at night, and the blood sucked by scamming eye-sight. They leave the place with a small bite like a mosquito. It also bites in the day time.

Let’s know, how to remove the annoying insect from our house.
bedbug_bite bedbug


Naphthalin is very effective to chase the Bedbug. Sprinkle the naphthalin powder at least twice a month for removing from home. You will see that there will not be any Bedbugs in the house.

Kerosene plated

Occasionally use kerosene plating in the furniture to run away bedbugs. The bedbug will easily escape. Remember that it have a lurid smell, so be careful to implement it.

Clean the house

Clean the entire house even once a week. Bedbug died at roughly 113-degree temperature. If Bedbugs attack is excessive, then wash the clothes, bed sheets, pillow covers, mosquito-net, and house. Must clean bedbugs areas more and more. Bedbugs will die in it.


Spray lavender oil on the house where the Bedbugs is located. By spraying this way for two to three days, the Bedbug will leave your house. It’s very effective to remove bedbugs from the bed.

Furniture and coating-mattress

Keep clean the furniture and mattress with regular sunshine. As a result, the bedbug will decrease and besides, it’ll die in the hit of sunshine. If possible clean with hot water.


Alcohol is a drug type medicine. It creates hallucination if you drink more. You can use alcohol to chase bedbug from your house. Where have lots of bedbugs, sprinkle there Alcohol. Bedbugs will run away.

Keep bed away from the wall

Put your bed away from the wall to get rid of a bedbug. Stay clean with bed and shovel before and after bed. If the bed far from the wall, the scope to grow bedbugs will decrease.

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