Dazzling Dark Tunnel Of The Modeling World!

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Modeling is the modern profession. Police recovered a model dead body from the sixth-floor of the 20-storied building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A party was running on the 20th-floor of that day. The 18-year-old Dutch model of Evana Smit was supposed to be in that party. But during the party, the nude dead body was recovered by police from the sixth-floor verandah.

Lahore_fashion_show modeling profession
A Model at a Fashion Shore Runway in Lahore. Photo: AFP

Evana’s family claim that after killing she thrown out from the 20th floor. However, police have not found any criminal evidence in the investigation yet. The Netherlands Foreign Minister said that- in this regard, Interpol has been contacted.

According to the BBC Online report, there has been created smog for this incident early in the current month. Experts believe there are so many things. In the modeling world, there are also many questions. Some people say that in the modeling world, now there is the darkness of sex and drug. That may be the cause of Evana’s death. Police are reviewing all possibilities way.

Evana’s colleague Model Emitasa Shaj said, ‘In the modeling world, these are now horrific. Anyone among us can be victimized at any time‘.

beizing_china_fashion_week modeling profession
Modelers at the runway of China Fashion Week in Beijing. Photo: AFP

She born in the Netherlands, Evana lived with her grandparents in Penang, Malaysia since childhood. At the age of 13, he started modeling. A few years ago, he returned to her parents. But he did not like to live with parents. So Evana returned to Malaysia last month and start work as a freelancer model.

In Penang Evana’s childhood friend Natalie Woodworth said, “After returning here, Evana was very happy‘.

Police have not found any reason for the death of Evana. He died at dawn. But police recovered the body from the balcony on the 6th floor. Initially, alcohol and drugs evidence found in her blood.

In this incident Evana’s death, many people claim to bring huge changes in the modeling world. Many of them claim to recover truth by writing hashtag #truthforevna┬áin social media.

28-year-old model Emitsa Shawz has been in a modeling profession for several years in Malaysia. She said that- ‘this profession is under tremendous pressure. The models have to handle this extra pressure. Along with this, dangerous things like alcohol and drugs have now entered into this world’.

Emitsa said- ‘I do not know what happened to Evana. However, there are many proposals in this profession. Many people fall into temptation. If you spend five hours at a party, then you will get $1200 or something like it’.

Lahore_fashion_show_2 modeling profession
A Model at a Fashion Show Runway in Lahore. Photo: AFP

A Model Agency director and model Carl Graham said in Kuala Lumpur that- ‘drug and alcohol in the modeling profession have become a big problem. Most models are separated from the family for this profession. That is why they suffer frustration and insecurity. To get rid of these frustrations and pressure, they entered into the party. And there’s a drug and alcohol gutter.’

In the modeling profession, young people entered in the young age. So they have very little experience in life. They have to survive because of a lot of pressure.

Carl Graham said, “They have to learn to say ‘NO’ in the modeling profession. They should know that going to a party in exchange for money is not modeling. Apart from this, they do not get adequate security and cooperation from the agency. The young models of the world often go to the clubs and bars“. He also said that- “Malaysian people see the modeling profession negatively. And the models also went to the party and began to think themselves as a star by drinking alcohol. They suffer from temporary satisfaction“.

Emitsa Shawj said, “the models of the youngsters should think, what they are actually doing. Apart from this, they should say ‘no’ about such party and the real work of the model will be done”.

However, the model agencies of Kuala Lumpur are very careful about the work of the models. Nicholas Chan, an agency officer named ML Model, said, “There are many instances here. Alcohol is taking place, models going to the party and going to drugs is also happening. As an agency, we can only warn the models about these things. I can not do more than that.’

Emitsa Shawj said- ‘Of course, not all agencies are bad. Some agencies see just profit. In that sense, the model does not think of adequate security and potential danger. Events like Evana is almost time-consuming. The media highlights the issue. After all, everyone forgot it.’

Evana_smith modeling profession
Malaysia’s eighth model Evana Smit. Photo: Taken from Instagram

In October this year, there was another incident like Evana. The 14-year-old Russian model Walda Zubber died in China. He took part in the Shanghai Fashion Week. He died while working there. The complaint was raised, due to additional work pressure, the death of the Walda Zubber. However, the modeling agency who employed her has denied the allegations.

Emitsa said, often such incidents happen. But it does not change in this world. This is because the modeling agencies are not accountable. He said, ‘The story that I heard in China to work, it is more horrific. If your weight increases a half pound anyway, then the agency companies do rude behave. They neglect as obesity and give the threat of returning home’.

Emitsa also said that “most of the girls in this profession came from a poor family. Their families are dependent on this“. After Evana Smit’s death, Carl Graham posted a post on Facebook. There, he claimed that the death reason of Evana should recover by correct information. He said, there is something more terrible behind the death of Evana’s tragic death.

Those who are protesting about the death of Evana, are all hopeful that a long-term change in the modeling profession may occur in this case. But Carl said, “Such tragic events will not have any impact on the industry. Because the biggest star than Evana has been death. But there was no change‘.

Finally, my opinion is- we still believe in ‘might is right‘ although we are living in the year 2017. From the start of the world, women/girls trying to protect their rights. But male society didn’t give them that type chance. So, if possible start a business or honorable job where you no need to take help from the male. Share the article to increase public consciousness.

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