Daughter Father Relation Can Effect In Conjugal Life

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Daughter father relation is the divine relation. What type of husband do you like? When asked a girl, the most common answer from the girls is ‘like a father’. After the birth, the girl gets father as first men. Then the father’s have an important role when growing the girl. So maybe most of the girl’s search father shadow into husband or lover. Many girls say her partner, ‘my father will never do this’ or ‘you are something like my father’. Psychologists say that there has a logical explanation – why girls always tell about the father.

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Cromberg reports that – the first male to a girl her father. So the relationship with the father determines, what type of partner she will select in the future. When the relationship with her father is deep, then the girls themselves unknowingly are inclined to a man who has her father’s character or similar to that. Sometimes they match their physical appearance. In the same way, father-daughter ‘relationship pattern’ can also be seen in their romantic life.

In 2002, ‘Impact of Fathers on Risky Sexual Behavior In Doters: A Genetically and Environmentally Controlled Sibling‘ study says that if there is a distraction between daughters and father, then there is a tendency to get involved in the risk activities in early age. They can involve in unprotected sex, alcohol addiction easily.

In the same way, according to in the year of 2003 ‘Father Absence Place Daughters At Special Risk For Early Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy‘ published- which girls have grown up without the father, the girls can involve in wrong activities.
Daughter_Father_Relation daughter father relation
How married life will be, how relation there would be to a husband or a partner, much depends on the relation on the father-daughter relationship. For example-

Loving dad

If the relationship with the father is beautiful, then the girls are looking her father into all men. Husbands will take care of them, give them security – every girl expect it. Among them, there is a tendency to compare husband with his father.

Lack of father responsibility

In this cases, the daughter does not even exist in the lives of the father. There is no depth of relationship, warmth. They thought that all men are same. They do not claim anything from anyone.

Oppressive, angry, lack of love

If it is the father type, then the children grow up with hatred towards their father. They want to get someone as a life partner, whose character is different from her father. They can not believe any man easily. In fear of breaking the heart, they do not express their love, weakness, emotions.

When the father is missing out on life

If the father is far or separated, then among the girls is created insecurity. They pass their childhood by waiting for her father. These girls are desperate to get a male partner. Fear of rejection, they became involved in multiple relations.

So when you are a father, brother or husband, take care of your daughter, sister or wife. They always expect security, love. Share the article and express your comment 🙂

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