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China Mobile App WeChat Banned in Russia

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WeChat is a chatting mobile application originated from China. Russia has banned China messaging application WeChat Russia’s state news agency Tas told a news source, Moscow’s communications regulatory body recently linked it to the list of banned websites in Russia. It failed to meet the necessary legal steps to register with government authorities in Russia as the online messaging provider. Tensent Messaging App Wechat, the largest tech company in China, has nearly 90 million active users, most of which are China’s.

According to the Tas report, at least it has been blacklisted since last Friday. In a statement on Monday, Tencent said in a statement that negotiations with Russia’s appropriate authorities are ongoing on the situation. A recent analysis of Washington-based think tank ‘New America’ has said that Russian authorities are seeing the growing Internet as a serious political threat and trying to follow the Chinese model in order to control the Internet.

Russia has passed a law in 2015 to save information for citizens of their country so that they can not go to another country. That is much like the law passed in China.
Wechat’s sensitive messages were also blocked in China. As can be said, the massacre of Tiananmen Square in Tibet It is forbidden to exchange such messages in it.

Russian news agency RT said, last week the communications regulatory body of the country blocked the lines (LN), Blackberry and Emo apps. In November last year, Russia banned social network LinkedIn for Microsoft-owned professionals.

News Source: CNN

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