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Which Causes Create Obstacle To Become Mother

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It’s really hard to find a girl who does not want to be a mother. But now for many, the opportunity of the become mother has a lot like a lottery. Our busy life, irregularities destroying the dream. So it’s time for consciousness.

But in the past, it was not a matter of becoming a mother of more than one child. Most of the couple was 7+ children. But as time goes on, the power of women’s pregnancy has decreased. Not only reluctant to do so, but also many other problems.

Studies have shown that sperm count is decreasing in men body. As a result, the dream of being father’s obstructed. Our today article on which problems is responsible for becoming a mother.

Cervix problems

For a women there is a part of the uterus and vagina, which is known as Cervix. After the sexual intercourse of the male-female, sperm enters into the uterus through the Cervix. So if there is a problem in the Cervix, this method can be interrupted. Acidity-alkalinity imbalances healthy and normal vagina helps to fertilize the sperm. In that case, excessive acidity or alkalinity of the vagina prevents ovulation from fertilization.


It can be difficult to have children because of any wounds, infections, problems in pregnancy, urine fibers, polyps and other factors. For one reason, if sperm prevents to reach of the ovum, then to becoming maternal can be the delay. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which causes obstruction of ovarian cyst and obstruction in pregnancy.

Common problems can also cause problems with excessive alcohol consumption, overweight, irregular periods etc. There are many problems with age-related problems, who try to become a mother after 35 years of age. Along with age, different types of physical barriers are increasing in the same rhythm.

First, the performance of the ovaries decreases and secondly, the number of ovaries also decreases. Even the ability to emit ovulation from the uterus quickly decreases.

Other reasons

Women who have low infections in their bodies, they also have difficulty in getting pregnant. Not only that, problems of different types of sexual activity such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and lower abdominal problems, if you have these disease in the body, also create problems in pregnancy.

Finally, every woman wants to become a mother. Most of the problem create after 35 years old, so take the child before 30 years old. It’s good for your health and baby. Share the article on your social profiles.

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