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British People Have No Time To Eat

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Science is going forward rapidly. Science is working for human comfort. But it gave us speed and snatched emotion, love. As a result, most of the family member has no good family connection. They suffer loneliness and sometimes they fall into the mental problem. British history is an old history. They bring revolution in education, technology, science, industry etc. Once upon a time total Indian sub-continent was ruled by British. Recently a journal has been published about their family life.

British people are so busy, they have no time to eat

The reality of modern life has been very difficult for the British. They are not getting time for eating cause their work pressure! The main banquet of the whole day is dinner, they get only 21 minutes average. At this time the other members of the family are not getting food at the table. Even if they are getting sometimes, that is fractioning with the mobile phone, computer, television etc.

Research has found these data. In the beginning of this month, research has been done on 2164 British citizens for five days. Research has been done by the market research firm ‘Opinion Matters’ for a chain food shop. The results were published last Saturday.

People participating in the survey said that due to the increasing busyness of family members, the busy work schedule has made the food table look like this. 57 percent said they do not have the opportunity to eat with family members every night. And 55 percent said that during their eating time they also busy with smartphones, computers or televisions. The most staggering thing is- 20 percent family not have the dining table.

Food arrangements have been very rare in the country at three times in the day. Only 2 percent of a family have this system regularly. Most of the family or family member take food from a restaurant.

But in this reality, quite frustrated Britishers. They want to change the system. 47 percent of those surveyed said they would be happy if at least one time they were to sit and eat with others in the family.

Patrick Alexander of the Oxford-based Social Issue Research Center said that through this survey, it is understood that families have started to understand the social importance of eating together. They realize, eating together can make their life happy and develop solidarity.

Recent studies have found that a large part of the British people is felling in loneliness. The country’s Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed the minister on Thursday to announce a ministry to help them.

– Prothom Alo

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