Bill Gates Make Together Beautiful Girls

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is known as the world’s richest and charitable. The interesting stories of his life have come out in interviews of various books, web and his colleagues. Here are some facts:

Naughty Bill Gates

Teen Bill Gates was not so quiet. When he was in school, he arranged to bring all the girls of his choice to one class. School authorities asked the teenager Bill Gates to create a class schedule using the computer. He used to take advantage of this opportunity. All the girls of his choice fill their classes.

Study spamming at Harvard University

Harvard did not attend any of the courses that were registered at the time of studying. Instead of, he attended those classes which he liked. But his memorize power was very strong. As a result, without ever having attended a class, always he achieved A grade result in the college examination.

Fine for driving

He has a bad habit to drive over speed, and the same police have been fined twice to Bill Gates. He was fined when returning Albuquerque from Seattle. Gates usually drive very fast in the Albuquerque Desert. Once borrowed Porsche 928 model car from a friend and played so fast that it has broken. It took a year to repair it.

He remembered the car number plate

When the employees are coming or going to the office of Microsoft, Bill Gates remembers the car’s number plate. In an interview with Telegraph, Bill Gates said, “I had to be careful about applying my standards to verify how hard work is working for my staffs. I knew everyone’s number plate. When I saw the plate in the parking lot, I could understand who was coming or going. I became a little relaxed after the institution grew.”

Economy class passengers

Until 1990, Bill Gates has been in the economy class passenger with all the staffs of the company. Company’s rule was that all the staff would have to go to Economy class. Bill Gates also adhered to it. Gates’s colleague writes, after joining Microsoft in 1990, he went to Economy class with Bill Gates on a business trip. At that time Microsoft became a big institution. Despite being the head of the big organization, he did not see any discomfort in Gates going to the Economy class with the staffs. He was sitting in the middle seat. All along the way, Gates was read books. However, Bill Gates bought his jet plane.

Technically expertise

Bill Gates cannot be tricked out technically. He does not interfere in the middle of building any software. But it cannot make him fool for even a minute. Because he is a real programmer.


After the meal, especially after dinner, he washed his own plate. Although other people wanted to help him, he likes to do his own work with own hand.

Funny people

Some journalists were interviewing Gates during Comdex conference. The famous journalist John Dodge make anger the Bill Gates. Of course, his interview was different from the others. He asked Bill Gates ‘the definition of the market‘ type question. As a result, Bill Gates become anger and goes to the bathroom and stays locked. Said, if the person does not want to apologize until he will not come out. John went in front of the bathroom door and said, ‘I am sorry.’ Then Gates come out.

Finally, it was a simple biography for Bill Gates. When you will be famous, your small things people will take as a big issue. So we should try to make me famous, should try to help mankind. Keep reading the website.

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