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Before leaving the child to YouTube

Before leaving the child to YouTube
Before leaving the child to YouTube

Many parents keep open the YouTube videos in front of the child and keep them busy. YouTube has been taking responsibility for a babysitter as a child-care in the whole world. If you ask a child, which app you will like to run? He might say Youtube. Now many people are watching videos on YouTube, and the number of child viewers is not less.

But what is the child watching on YouTube, are you concern as a guardian? Experts say that- it is important for parents to be aware of how long the children are spending or watching the content of popular video platforms like YouTube. Because it is not a school ground where children can play as much as he wants. The contents that are made here are attracted to the children and create addiction among them. Children are addicted to seeing that video and they want to see it again and again. If you stop showing once, then they do persist.


Parents are concerned about the extra TV show and advertisements for children. But TV shows and YouTube platforms are different. TV has limited content, but YouTube content is unlimited. TV-shows display for a certain time. It is clear on TV that what is advertising or content. There has also certain quality control of the advertisements. But there is no limit on YouTube. Hours of videos are playing. When one is ending, another is being started automatically. When a video is ending, children quickly click on another one. YouTube can detect user choice, favor, mentality etc. YouTube display/suggest content as a user demand.

Many content creators now only creating videos by targeting children. They post fast, brighter and more addictive content. They add extra music for attracting children. It is important for the guardians to be aware of the safety of children.

Now, what you can do to prevent YouTube for your children?

You can install ‘YouTube Kids‘ by removing ‘YouTube’ for children’s safety. This will not display adult content in front of children. The YouTube app is mainly applicable to those over 17 years old. So think before leaving children on YouTube. You can control YouTube through the ‘YouTube Kids’ application.

If you use YouTube from a mobile or tab, you can schedule time the use of YouTube from the iOS or Android settings. You can set age from Settings. Also, many mobile support ‘kid space’, you can purchase that type of mobile. Remember, all videos on YouTube are not suitable for everyone. It is not controlled as a social network or its contents are not properly monitored. It can contain many harmful contents for children. Children may be scared or embarrassing content may come in front of them.

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