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Avoid These 8 Foods If You Have Constipation

Avoid These 8 Foods If You Have Constipation
Elephant's foot apple / Monkey fruit help to remove constipation. Photo: Pixabay

Many people know nowadays what to eat if there is any disease. But what we should not eat when we’re sick, do we know details about it? Especially in food-related disease, we should avoid those foods.

Patients try to remove it by eating different types of foods when they fall in constipation problems. However, they feel more illness by eating harmful foods. Let know about those 8 foods, which you should avoid if you suffer from constipation.

Tell ‘NO’ dairy products

Much milk, the cheese will not reduce your constipation problem, rather it’ll increase. If you unable to leave milk foods, you will eat as less as possible.

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Fast food or snacks

In this type of food, fiber is very low and it is not healthy at all. Especially constipation patients should not eat the fast food at all.

Fry and burned foods

Chicken fries or any other deep-fried foods are very difficult to digest. When it fried, there has no minimum water in these foods. As a result, stool become hard.


Protein levels are very high in the egg, but food fiber levels are very low. The egg should not be omitted altogether, but it is necessary to add plenty of vegetables to the egg. Practice eating egg omelet with vegetables instead of boiled eggs.


It does not have to be dropped out altogether. But of course, the meat should eat with the good amount of salad. Chew well when you eat, it will help to digest quickly.

Cakes, biscuit

These baked sweet foods contain a very low amount of fiber, high-quality fat, and refined sugar. As a result, it is tasty to eat but the problem of health increases by multiplying.

White bread / white flour

Avoid any white-colored bread, instead, you can choose red bread or wheat flour made from the griddle. If there is a problem with cleansing the stool, then everything should be omitted from white or refined flour.

More caffeine

A cup of tea or coffee may cause you to go to the toilet early in the morning. But this may be the opposite reaction. If you take more caffeine in the hope of cleansing of the ulcer, then there will be dehydration in the body and it will do opposite work.

In conclusion, constipation will remove easily if you eat lots of vegetables, plenty of water and do physical exercise regularly.

Writer: Rumana Boishakhi. Source: WebMD. Share the article on your social profiles.



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