8 Unknown Information About Beard That Needs To Know Every Man!

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Beard is the beauty of a man. Every man can remember to shave for the first time. When you looked at the mirror after shaving in a saloon, it was difficult to recognize yourself, did not you? And what he laughs of friends, it is not too forgettable!

Long ago, ‘beard’ was considered as a symbol of glory. Even day after day it has turned into fashion. This is considered to be the best gift to some men. There are many people who have not been bearded.

In today’s feature, you will be informed about the eight important information about the beard, which will make you astonish!

The beard has relation with sex

For a long time if you refrain from physical relation, the beard increase rapidly. It’s a totally hormonal matter. If there is excess testosterone in the body, the beard is growing very strong and quick.

The beard raises the social status of a man

According to research, women are attracted more to men who have a beard than clean-shaved men. The beard enhances the manhood of a man and proves his abilities. Generally, after adolescence, all the boys who have not had any trouble for growing their beard without any problem, women are interested in them.

Beards grow rapidly in the light of day

Sunlight contains a lot of Vitamin D, which means that beard can grow rapidly.

Beard hair is thicker

The hair of the beard is thicker than the hair of the head and a man is estimated to have around 30,000 hair. So, safely you can keep the beard in your desired shape.

Beard is good for health

Beard has an immense role to influence your body for a variety of reasons. The most important aspect is that it will protect you from the harmful ultra-violet ray of the sun.

Grows slowly

Generally, beard increases up to 5.5 inches per year. So, if you rush, that will not yield good results. You will not get very different results by using different types of hair cream or oil massage. Your beard will increase naturally, no need to take any further action.

The beard keeps the face cool and soft

The skin of everyone’s face becomes dry and rough after a time. But because of the beard, the oil from the service gland emits and the skin is soft and tender.

The beard will save 4.5 months of your life

Generally, a man spent 4.5 months or 139 days from his entire life for shaving. How big is the waste of time? During this time, you could walk around safely, exercise, climb up the hill and even give time to favorite people or wife.

So, now think. Keep the beard or shave forever. Decision id yours! Share the article with your friends and family.

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