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75 Percent British Do Not Trust Facebook and Twitter

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Through this, the British people express their depth of knowledge and wisdom. When people from all over the world are addicted to Facebook and Twitter. At that time, such a feeling of British is truly worth appreciating.

Survey on British people: how many trustable our social medias

Only one in four in the UK trusts social media like Facebook and Twitter; that means 75 percent of British people do not believe in it. They want to see strict control over the social media.

It is said in the annual survey of the Adelman Trust Barometer. The Adelman Trust Barometer has carried out surveys of how people believe in global business, government, non-government organizations and the media.

The survey found that two-thirds of the citizens believe that platforms like Facebook, Twitter are not taking adequate steps to prevent illegal activities including militancy.

But in the last year, the belief in the popular journalism among the UK people has increased significantly. Adelman says that the time has come for social media to take action. Edelman UK Chief Executive Ed Williams said, “People want to take action on key issues related to online safety-related issues. If you do not take action on these issues people will lose confidence in social media”.

Edelman says more than half the UK citizens are worried about the false news. 64 percent of the people said they can not distinguish between false news and real journalism.

Recently, Facebook announced false news prevention on their platform, saying that Facebook plans to survey some sources of news that users believe to be credible, and they will stop identifying the fake source of news through surveys. In the announcement of Facebook, Adelman announced the results of their survey.

Adelman’s findings show that 63 percent of people think there is a lack of transparency among social media. 62 percent think that these companies are selling their information without knowledge of the users.

The father of WWW Tim Berners Lee said- “I’m the pioneer of the internet revolution. But he is now worried about Facebook and social media fake news. It is creating confusing to us. We can not determine between true and false news. So we should take enough action to prevent it.”

Finally, again I say- science gives us speed by snatched our emotion. It’s created split to us. So we should take the science as a blessing. Only we can prevent the curse of science and take the blessing.

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