7 Ways To Make Long Hair Fast

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How to make long hair? It’s a common question. Hair increase beauty in our face. It is the part and parcel of our body. Everybody wants a long and black hair. Especially girls. Hair shape and color is different based on country. Most of US girl hair color is golden. African girl hair is crank. By the way, today writing an article on how to you can make long your hair.

Need to take extra care to get long hair

It is possible to grow hair with proper care. And there are some established ways for this. Here are some ways to long hair based on a report of a health website for women.

Massage on dry skin

There is nothing better than a massage to keep hair good. It increases the blood circulation on the skin of the head, which helps in reaching nutrition material in hair follicles. Just brush your head on the skin. It keeps head skin healthy and helps in increasing hair faster.

Massage on wet hair

Start the day by massaging the head while bathing. During bath, massage the head by fingers. For getting a better results start massage from behind the neck.

Trim the top of hair

Do not want to trim the top of hair even after the hair is dry and rough. The main reason is that the hair is small. But if you really want to grow hair, trim the top. Try to trim hair every 7 weeks later, it’ll help you to grow your hair fast.

Accepting the appropriate supplement

Many people do not have the correct idea about proper nutrition for hair. Choosing the right vitamins is also important for keeping hair good. Antioxidants and Vitamin B keeps hair strong. And all the supplements that contain biotin help to keep the hair healthy.

Conditioner use

Perhaps you have heard that the conditioner for hair is good. How to it works, many people do not know. Shampoo eliminates the hair and dust every day and helps the hair conditioner to be healthy and bright again by adding nutrients.

Wash your hair with cold water

Use cold water to clean hair. It bring changes quickly on the hair. After using shampoo and conditioner, keep the hair soaked in cold water. It will protect the moisture from hair loss. As well as keeping the hair cuticle. If it is washed with hot water it makes the hair weak and rough. So avoid using hot water in the hair.

Do not use styling tools

Hair styling tools that use heat such as Straightner, Curling Iron etc. These damage the hair, it weak and fragile of our. So stop using such a stylining device. If you have to use it, then use the heat-resistant element beofre using styling tools.

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