7 Reasons Why Girls Are Avoiding You

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Girls or women is the unique creation of God. Many men fell uneasy when they want to close with a girl. As much as they try to be close to girls, the more they move far away. But why is this so?

Here are 7 possible reasons for why girls can avoid you

girl_face_reverse girls
Especially the post only for men 😛 Girls behaves almost opposite of men. Let’s see those 7 reasons.

1. Feel afraid: You feel afraid when seeing the girls. You are not accustomed to keeping pace with girls. As a result, when you talk to the girls, your face looks like you’re sweating. So she avoids you.
little_couple girls
2. Want to make love: When a girl laughs at you, you think she has been fall in love with you. But in most cases, the case is not the same. As a result, if you start to associate with him in love, he will be bored.
boy_gir_finger girls
3. Haughtiness: You terribly suffer from the pride of manliness. The meaning of the girl is a- fool, dopey, mugging – that’s your idea. And you also express your mentality through your speech and behavior. As a result, she avoids you.

4. Bad humor: Your sense of humor is so bad. You do not have the knowledge of what kind of jokes you should make with a girl. If you make a joke that is offensive, or insulting to women, then girls will dislike you. Therefore they will avoid you.
kissing girls
5. Conversation style: You do not know where to stop. When a girl wants to avoid you, no girl will tell you clearly when she wants to be alone, but you must understand yourself from her behavior. If you do not understand it, then you will become an annoyed person to any girl. So be careful about girls behave.
boy_girl_hand girls
6. Want to make girl-friend: You are always walking around to make a lover. As a result, whether you talk to any girl, you grow up to make that girl your girlfriend. This is a very uncomfortable experience for the girl.
girl_boxing_a_boy girls
7. Messy lifestyle: You are dirty and messy. In addition to some rare girls, most of all girl generally prefer clean and smart men. So if you go with dirty and torn clothes, messy hair- then she will avoid you – this is normal.

In conclusion, smart people always be popular. Everybody wants to close with them. So if you want to become a smart, you must have a good personality, talking style, listening to other etc. Keep reading the blog website and being a smart people.

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