7 Natural Foods Can Protect Your Lungs

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The lungs are the most important part of our body. Air pollution is seriously affecting health. There are many complex diseases that are appearing. Problem appearing in the lungs. Health experts suggest that to avoid the harmful effects of air pollution, regularly need some healthy foods. One of them is Tomato. It has Lycopene. Lycopene antioxidant work as protection-layer in the respiratory tract. Besides, we should eat orange, guava, grapes and lemon regularly. Those fruits are vitamin C enriched. These fruits keep the lungs good.

See below 7 natural foods which keep good our lungs

Amalaki: It has been found in the research that, if you eat Amlaki regular, it can prevent damage to lungs. Vitamin C from Amlaki increases disease prevent power, can prevent a cough. In the Ayurvedic theology, it is said that the quality of Amalaki juice can keep balance on every action in the human body.

Tomatoes: Tomato makes our body to work against disease. A recent study has described the capabilities of tomatoes. Researchers say that tomato has excellent antioxidative coverage, which does not allow cells to become old. Tomato can also prevent various types of cancer. Tomato lycopene acts as a protection-layer in the respiratory tract. Lycopene work against dust in the air.

Turmeric: Turmeric known as an antioxidant. This Antioxidant works to protect the lungs from the effects of contaminated particles. The mixture of turmeric and butter is used to solve the problem of a cough and asthma. Apart from this, the mixture of turmeric, jaggery and butter can remove asthma.

Basil: Basil leaf can protect the lung against air pollution. Besides, the dust in the air can absorb the Tulsi tree. According to health experts, daily consumption of Basil leaf juice is removed from the respiratory contaminants of the body.

Citrus fruits: Orange and lemon contain plenty of Vitamin C. Regular eating of citrus fruits can’t be affected by the lung form harmful components of the air.

Jaggery: Jaggery can be effective in many respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. Mix jaggery with sesame results in positive results. It’s work against air pollution.

Green tea: You can drink two cups of green tea every day. Antioxidants that contain green tea help remove toxic substances from the body.

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References: NDTV Online

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