7 Essential Sublime Text Plugins For Coder

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If you’re a web designer, developer or a programmer then you must need to use a code editor. At present, there have many code editors, such as- Sublime Text, NotePad++, Bracket, Atom etc. Some editor is free and other is premium. Price depends on code editor features.

Today we’ll discuss on essential Sublime Text plugin. Sublime Text is apparently free, but you’ll see warning notice, again and again, to buy the license when you’ll work. For working fast Sublime Text support plugin. Sublime Text has a lot’s of plugin directly, but we’ll discuss on 7 essential plugins.

1. AutoSave

When you are editing code then you need to press, again and again, Ctrl+S keys. It’s bothering and many times you’ll forget to press it. But with the AutoSave plugin, your code will be saved automatically after 1 second. You can change or control the time.


Your code is ready and ready to run in the browser. Then you upload it to the server. Now think, you need to edit the code. Then you’ll do – open the code in text editor → edit → save → upload to server → run in the browser.

But with the SFTP/FTP plugin, you’ll be able to live-edit your code. Then the steps will be- edit → run

3. HTML Nest Comment

If you are an experienced coder or developer, you’ll use ‘comment’ in your code. It’ll help to another coder to understand your code. Also, it’ll help you. We use ‘comment’ in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or any programming language. It’s bothering to write ‘comment’ again and again. With the plugin, you can write ‘comment’ by pressing those keys ‘Ctrl+/’.

4. Emmet

Emmet is the most popular plugin of Sublime Text and NotePad++. Your code speed will increase 20x with the plugin. It has advanced usage. Here you can see the Emmet documentation.

5. DocBlockr

DocBlockr is available in Sublime Text 2 and 3. With the DocBlockr you can prettify JavaScript(including ES6), PHP, ActionScript, Haxe, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Java, Apex, Groovy, Objective-C, C, C++ and Rust.

6. LiveReload

Generally, you do- write code in editor → save → go to file folder → right click the file → open in the browser. But you can run your code in the browser with the plugin very easy.

7. BracketHighlighter

Most of the code has opening and closing bracket. If your code size is long and if it shows wrong, then you’ll need to fix the bug. Then you may need to find out the code first and the last bracket. It helps you to find out bug quickly.

Hope that you’ve liked the article. If you know the more advanced use of Sublime Text, please don’t hesitate to share with us.


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