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7 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Internet Browser

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Google Chrome is an internet browser and it’s getting popular day by day. There have lots of browsers at now, like as- Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. But Google Chrome is the best browser to me. Because it has a lot of features and extensions than another browser. It’s developed by tech giant Google. Also, if you use the browser you’ll feel comfortable to use Google another product like as search, map, Gmail, Sheet, Docs etc.

So today I’ll discuss on some important Google Chrome extensions for the normal internet browser. Google Chrome extensions are totally free and you can be a smart internet user by using those extensions, it’ll increase facilities your browser experience. Let’s start-

1. AdBlock

I like the extension so much. Statistics say- 95% website show ads on their website. Sometimes it’s may cause of bothering for a user. Also, all ads will not be suitable for you. Besides, it’s slow the web page to load. You may skip the content what you’re looking for showing ads. So many internet users like to use the extension. It also keeps your computer safe from malware, which hacker trying to insert in your computer when you’re browsing.

2. LastPass

The password is an important thing for an internet user. We use a password to open an account on a website and log in on the website. We also transfer money through the internet and we use the password for security reason. An internet user may use 500+ websites. Every website should have a different password, we should not use the same password for one more site. Because if a hacker or a person can get a password, he can enter into another website by using the same password.

It’s tough to remember all password. You can keep your password in your exercise-book, but it’s not a good practice. Because when you need to the password or login in a website, you need to write it every time. It’s time-consuming. So, I’ll recommend using LastPass extension, it saves your password securely. You can manage your password easily. It also have many features, when you’ll use it you’ll feel the features.

3. DisConnect

Most of the website tracking you. Such as- what you’re doing on their site, which page you see regularly, what you’re typing, how many times you’re viewing a page etc. Anybody will not like this type spying. But webmaster does it for his business purpose. He makes products and ads on visitor demands.

By using the DisConnect extension you can be safe from webmaster tracking.

4. WapPlayzer

Suppose, you’ve liked a website so much. You may interest about the website. Now if you want to know the website technology, you can see it with WapPlayzer.

5. Grammarly

You write email or documents. Your spell may wrong. This extension will help you to remove grammatical and spelling wrong from your email or documents. It has a free and premium version.

6. Todoist

Every success man has to do list. They separate their work in different time and complete the work in fixed time. To do list is essential in our daily life. Now maximum business person uses a computer, so they make work routine in computer Notepad. With the Todoist extension, you can easily maintain your daily work.

7. Zenmate

It’s awesome and makes me happy. Zenmate has a free and premium version. With the extension, you can hide your device IP. Every device has own IP. With IP detection, a computer program can detect your country, location, Internet Service Provider (ISP) etc. You can view details about your IP –

Besides, you can change your IP country with the extension.

Hope that the article will help you to make a smart internet browser. If you know about this type extension, please don’t forget to share with us. You can share the article in your social profile like as- Facebook, Google+.

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