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6 Ways To Detect A Selfish Friend

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Is friendship always a blessing? Is there some risk of friendship? It is not possible for a person to live without a friend, just for a friend can be a big loss. It is also easy to doing harm to become a friend. Because people believe friend like a blind. And this simple belief he takes as the opportunity of mutual enemies. So all friends can be mistreated? I can not be friends with disbelief. There are some easy ways to recognize fake friends. Let’s know 5 ways to recognize fake friends for you.
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Do not come when you are in danger

The real friend’s identity is in danger. When you are in danger, at first real friends will come forward. But a fake friend will always avoid the time of your distress by the various excuse. They will not help you instead of many times a fake-friends increases the risk. So avoid those people who do not come forward in your danger. Because they are not your real friends.

Extra cost

There are some people who try to impose their own expenses on friends. This type of friends does not pay for bus fare, photocopy fee, other restaurant fees etc. This kind of friends does not give back borrowed money when you suffer from lack of money. These harmful friends are planning to reduce their costs by increasing the cost of a friend without worrying about the financial condition of the friend. So staying safe from these type friends is good for your wallet.
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True friends will never lie to you. Those who are not true friends, different times they lie with you. They lie with his identity, he lied about the financial condition of the family. They also find various lame-excuses to avoid responsibility for friends. Sometimes, many friends make a fault and impose it on his friend. So if your friend has a habit of lying with you, then keep proper distance with him.

Others personal matters tell you

There are some friends who tell you others personal matters or secret issues. Someone might believe him and said something. He tells you everything and laughs. All the friends who talk to you other secret things, they also tell to another people your personal matter and do fun. So it is not right to believe such friends.

Excessive blame

If a friend always blames you, then he is not a true friend. There are some people who always blame the friend for various reasons. Why you did not the work, why did not it, why not a phone call him etc. and make your life irritated. Many friends criticize your various thing, like as- face, jobs, family, love and so on. Keep in mind that who complaints against your personal life he is not a real friend. The person who tries to debase you he is never a true friend. Friendship means that just accept him what like he that. He will think- friend honor mean my honor.

Do not keep promise

If your friend talks about any matter to you and you believe in that matter. But he did not keep that and broke your faith. If it does, then there is a problem. Because he broke your faith and neglected you. Because you are not an important person to him, so he has no any problems to break your faith. Avoid this type of friend.

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