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5 Types Of Diabetes Have Been Found In the New Research

5 Types Of Diabetes Have Been Found In the New Research
5 Types Of Diabetes Have Been Found In the New Research. Photo: Pixabay

Researchers say diabetes is not just one disease, but it has five distinct types, and these treatments will also be different.

On March 1, 2018, a study published in ‘The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal‘, found that diabetes can be divided into five different types of diabetes.

Diabetes is usually divided into two categories – ‘Type 1’ and ‘Type 2’, many people know it. However, researchers from Sweden and Finland know that diabetes is actually more complex.
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One in every 11 adults in the world is infected with diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a complexity of the immune system, in which the insulin-producing beta cell is attacked in the body. As a result, the body can not produce enough insulin. For many, it is a birth problem. And Type 2 diabetes attack for bad lifestyle. Extra fat creates obstacle to produce insulin.

The new study examined more than 14,000 diabetic patients. The study of the Lund University of Diabetes Center in Sweden and the Molecular Medicine Institute of Finland mainly focuses on patients with blood.

How are these five types of diabetes?

Studies show that patients can be divided into five clusters or types-

Cluster 1 – Severe autoimmune diabetes

It is something similar to the ‘Type 1’ diabetes. It appears to the healthy people at a very young age and their bodies stop production of insulin.

Cluster 2 – Severe insulin-deficient diabetes

In this case, the situation is similar to that of ‘Cluster 1’. Insulin does not produce enough of their body. But there is no hand on the immune system to produce insulin.

Cluster 3 – Severe insulin resistance diabetes

Usually, these patients are overweight. Their body produces insulin, but it does not help. This type of diabetes is very similar to ‘Type 2’ diabetes.

Cluster 4 – Mild Obesity Related Diabetes

Obis or overweight people usually have this. However, their metabolism is generally quite normal compared to ‘Cluster 3’.
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Cluster 5 – Mild Age-Related Diabetes

In this case, patients are significantly older than other four cluster patients. Their diabetes patterns are also gentle.

A researcher, Professor Leaf Group, told the BBC, “This is a very important matter, we are going to take a real step towards proper treatment.”

He said the treatment of three severe clusters would be heavy, and the remaining two would be treated lightly.

However, studies have shown that due to fat, instead of getting diabetes, diabetes is due to beta cell defects.

‘Cluster-2’ patients are more likely to have blindness. ‘Cluster-3’ patients are more likely to have kidney disease. Researchers hope this information can play a significant role in keeping patients healthy.

But this study has been done only on Scandinavians. It is important to look at how this study will be useful in the world, especially for those at risk of high-risk diabetes.

Clinical Scientist of Imperial College in London. Victoria Salem said, “The study of the whole world may be seen to have more than 500 types of diabetes. He was not involved in this research. Five types of this study have been found, but more types can be found. It was the first step. ‘

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