5 Things Must Follow If You Are In A Relationship Of Love

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Love is blind, there has a proverb. It is difficult to accept the reality. Because the reality is different. But if the emotion of love when gone, then we see the reality. Most of all say emotionally- I can not live without you! But when they face reality, both of them may have to stay far away. There has some reality in the relationship of love, if you accept it easily your relationship will stay long period. Here are some facts to know:

happy_couple_muslim love

All can be won with love

Many people say love can win all. But the reality is totally different. All can win with it, it is exaggerated and confusing. It is dangerous to believe it too. Because it creates laziness in our mind. We say it to overcome the realities of life. Indeed, all the ups and downs of conjugal life can’t be overcome with it only. Therefore need many things.

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Just love for you

Only love can’t fill up the stomach. So to save lives we need food, clothes, oxygen, water etc. These requirements will always be kept in mind. We need to meet personal requirements, therefore, it can’t do it. Mental happiness does not come only from a relationship, first of all, we should take reality, then we’ll get mental happiness.

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True love is unconditional

Many times we’ve seen that crazy couple sunken in a relationship, but after some days, they are quarreling with each other. Because gradually they started to see reality. When they have no love for each other, only the love is not responsible. Once it is not possible to deny the relationship. When the relationship breaks, the previous love does not become meaningless. Rather, it brings some conditions or issues from past. So there have some certain conditions in true love. For example- time, careers, health, and seek-out. It is good to accept these conditions of reality.

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Everything is easy when you select the right people

Life is never easy. At the beginning of the relationship, everything seems like easy. But when it is deep and many reality comes forward, the to maintain the relationship, both have to make many efforts. As much as there have good understanding or agreements, they should not leave each other in difficult times, so that they have to try all the time. Also, the right person can be inaccurate at a times. So do not break the bonds, it is necessary to have the efforts.

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People are not changing

Those who think, my beloved person will never change, will remain the same. They think wrong. Every man is changeable. As much as this true you’ll accept easily, the better for the relationship. People have been changing with time. Both of them have to be partners of change in the relationship. If there have found difficulties in rhythm, then it is difficult to get together.

In conclusion, think with reality, not emotionally. If you like the article don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

References: Huffington Post

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