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5 Things For Entrepreneurs From My Ten Years Business Experience

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Today I’ll share my last 10 years business experience. I could not be successful for many reasons, but in some cases, I have some successes. Today I’ll talk about those reasons why I could not succeed in the business. Why failed my entrepreneurs.

Some principle-keys of business success

1. Quality: If you compromise your product quality, then the future of your business is dark. Clients are buying your product for quality. If you can always keep the good quality, then you will not have to look back. Your business will boost-up.

2. Marketing: Most of our country’s entrepreneurs are caught in marketing. Many of them do not want to spend money on marketing. Believe me, who does not spend in marketing, the destruction of his business is inevitable. If you think traditional marketing costs are high, you can start digital marketing. The cost will fall to one part of the 10th. Plan your marketing according to your product type. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Video Marketing, Google Adward and many more marketing methods through which you can deliver your product information to people at a lower cost. You can use some marketing tools free of charge. Business will never be successful if marketing is not exactly the case.

3. Everyone isn’t your client: Always follow the 80-20 rules. Good entrepreneurs should not catch all client. If you have 100 people, target 20 of them. 80 people excluded. We want to catch all the clients. That’s a wrong move. Remember, you can earn money without worrying from 20 people, and only 80 people will get trouble. So, learn how to filter clients.

4. Great team: Google, Facebook couldn’t be developed by one person. They created a team. Remember, your team will work for you, and you will work for the team. Learn to love them and tell them it. If you want to be big, make your team bigger. Remember, if your team gets up, then you’ll just rise above.

5. Adhere to: You may have a good academic certificate on your business, or may have great intelligence – at the beginning of the business, you will face obstacles. There also may be situations that may cause your business to stop. If you give up at that time you will not be successful any day. Google was about to close twice. If Google entrepreneurs left, then Google could not come here today. Get involved, create a habit of losing. Only one day will be successful. Good entrepreneurs will not leave his business.

I will write about some experiences in the future. Have a good day.

Engr. Zaman Khan

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