5 Reasons, Why Love Marriage Does Not Long Lasting

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Love marriage has great opportunity to know the partner. And sometimes it does not even see the life-partner on arrange marriage. Even then, arrange marriage lasting more than love marriage. Recently, experts also say- arrange marriage is good and long lasting more than love marriage. In most cases, the complaint is the same, it is not the same as before, a lot has changed. But what is the real reason?

Will a person be same for the whole life? Whether it is a love relationship or a arrange marriage, man can change. But yes, when a man loves another or marries another, he has a lot of demands. When the real domestic appearance of a man comes out after marriage, it can no longer be accepted. That is why the relationship breaks more. Again, bad habits are also responsible for breaking the relationship.

Do not rule over

It’s not good to rule over on each other. Always looking after everything in the entire day, sometimes have created a situation to take stop breath. Of course, asking your partner what he is eating or where he is going is definitely a concern to him. But these words are only in the stage of bother when you ask him unnecessarily. You can not go here, why you do not talk with him, do not make friends with him, talking about such extra rights can be a cause of annoyance. For this reason, many relations broke down.

Do not compare

‘He has this good habit, his job is very good, his behavior is very good’- do not be embarrassed your partner by saying these words. Do not hurt his mentality by comparing with someone else. Instead, encourage each other for the better work, praise each other.

Do not remember old memories

Before you were involved in a relationship. You should not remember the relation and don’t say again to your partner. This habit is very harmful to the relationship. Do not say what is good or bad about the former, its impact on your current relationship. The present partner can think, you still have a weakness to the former partner. This little consideration is enough for the divorce.

Give time to each other

To maintain a love relationship, the most important thing is the time. In this case, how much time you are spending with each other and how many times you listen to each other is very important. If you do not listen to the person or do not want to hear him- then he may think that you are avoiding him. This idea is not good for a relationship. Remember, when a partner feels important to you; he also emphasizes you.

Do not blame

Do not always blame each other for any issue. If the partner wrongly makes a mistake, try to correct it. But also very consciously. Because for your wrong words, a partner can blame your personality. You did this thing, you said that- this kind of speech present you like a boring man.

There is no alternative to keeping away from such habits to maintain relationships. People are made with good and bad. So, no person should take an only good side, but at the same time, he should also accept the bad side. But if bad habits can be changed, then it will help both to maintain the relationship.

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