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5 Questions For You, If You Want To Marriage

5 Questions For You, If You Want To Marriage
5 Questions For You, If You Want To Marriage

The marriage season has arrived. The winter season is actually the season. Although for the wedding, the whole time of the year is open. However, marriage decisions are not to be taken to season consider. There are many types of realities behind this decision. Even if you wish to get married, you should not get married when you want. There need to take personal and social preparation. However, if anyone would like to marriage, they need to have answers to some questions. Since it is one of the most difficult decisions in life. Therefore, need to think twice before doing this work. Experts have raised a few questions for people, who planning for a wedding or wishing or doing it in the future. Find answers to those questions. You will be understood, whether marriage can be done now. These questions have been created by experts, especially considering the current era.

1. Are you ready to share all the account passwords?

It’s really a very difficult thing to do. But all the passwords can be given to the partner. After marriage, one or both of them can claim to bring faithful. And you have to pass that faithfulness test. If you fail, there have danger. The turmoil will start 🙂 Therefore, you have to leave all digital relationship before entering into married life. In the proof of honesty, there must be the courage to give all the password to the life partner.

2. Still, have boring habit or bad habit?

Are you often disturb your friends or family members? Maybe you do not care. But if many people express displeasure for you, then you have to understand you have many bad habits. After marriage, you should care about it, do not hold it. Take this matter seriously. Because they seem to be small, but it a makes big problems of married life.

3. Can you give her your mom phone call?

A little complex thing, but the question may applicable for boys. Most of the boys receive mom phone call to go a little away from the wife. Here create a gap between wife and mother-in-law. This is not a sign of happy marriage. So, you have to mindset to fix the issue. If you can take such a decision, then there is no problem thinking about marriage.

4. Is there a mentality to give or lend money without exchange?

This is one of the most complex issues. After marriage, most worry about controlling the economic condition. Modern girls are employers or businessmen. Many girls want to live as a housewife after the marriage. The husband carries all the expenses of the wife. Thinking as one, you are giving money to one, but you’re not asking for something in return. It’s off-charge, not returnable. If you have the mentality, then there is no problem.

5. Ready to put your hand on the housewife work?

All day long you are lying down. Or you can be busy all day long. No matter what you do, you do not have any intention to put your hand on the house. But after marriage, all responsibility should not be left to the wife. There is much more work to manage in the home. So do not be inhuman. Take the responsibility of some of your wife work with a smiling face.

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