5 Most Popular Languages For Programming

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Information Technology changes quickly. In order to create new programs, the technology has to change and change with the era. The new version of all programming languages comes regularly. But the popularity is not the same. Tamim Shahriar talks about five popular programming languages that are useful for writing useful programs at this time-

C language

About 46 years ago C programming language was created by Dennis Ritchie which quickly gained popularity. C is a very powerful programming language. Many types of work can be done with C, one of which is the operating system has been created. At the university level, students of computer science are bound to be educated.

Currently, C language is being used in making compiler, system programming and IOT (Internet of Things) programs of the software industry. All students interested in computer science or computer science related should learn the C. Another programming language based on C is quite popular, that is C++.

Java language

James Gosling created Java programming language in the year 1995. It is an Object Oriented Programming Language. Java became rapidly popular in creating desktop and web-based software. One of the reasons was that software created by Java could run on different operating systems. Initially, ava is considered to be a very slow programming language, but as a result of continuous development, it is now popular as a very effective and powerful language. Java is widely used in developing enterprise applications. Java has also been selected to create native software (programs designed for specific operating systems or machines) for the Android operating system.


JavaScript is the programming language of the internet. Initially, it was created for the browser, but it is now widely used both in frontend and backend. The programming language designed by Brandon Rich in 1995 has made it much easier to create interactive web applications. JavaScript can be created in a variety of programs with functional programming, object-oriented programming. Once again, the framework software programmers of different languages of this language got popularity. In the hundreds of thousands of frameworks made in this language, jQuery was popular for a long time. Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS etc. is the popular framework in recent times. Server-side JavaScript (such as Node JS) has also been popular in the backend. Javascript is also used in many frameworks to create mobile applications.


Guido van Rozam created Python programming language in 1991. Python is an object-oriented programming language, but it is much easier than C++ or Java. Python has a good reputation as a beautiful, straightforward and fluent language. As it is relatively easy to learn, so today Python is taught as the first programming language in many organizations. It is popular in the world of the web, as well as the most widely used programming language for machine learning and data analysis. So, the use of python is increasing in educational institutions, research institutions, software establishments everywhere.


In 1995, Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP programming language. This language has been created using C programming language. Web programming makes it a lot easier for PHP. So, the language itself is popular, as well as taking web programming to more people. All of the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal is made with PHP. Therefore, it can be said, PHP is the most widely used programming language on the Web site. Although Python, Ruby and many other programming languages are becoming popular in the web world, PHP still survives for a long time.

There are also

C# (C Sharp) is quite popular, especially for Microsoft’s .NET (DOT NET) frameworks to be the first choice of most software manufacturers. Apart from this, three more programming languages are fast becoming popular. These are Google’s ‘Go’ or ‘Go Lang’ made in the backend of the Internet-based organization, ‘Cotlin’ for the development of Android applications, ‘Swift’ for the creation of Apple’s iOS app.

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