4 Reasons To Pregnancy Test Become Positive Despite Not Pregnant

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Pregnancy test means when we do the test if the women is pregnant or not. Sometimes it is our hope, sometimes it may be unexpected. We do test pregnancy and take action as necessary. So it should be accurate.

Dizziness and nausea with the stopped-menstrual period is the condition of pregnant. After these symptoms occur, many people test pregnancy to become ensure. Therefore, in some cases, the test may positive without being pregnant. We also need to know what reasons are there.
pregnant_women pregnancy test
Human Cranic Gonadotrophin (HCG) hormone outflow from the Placenta of Syncytiotrophoblast cell of the pregnant woman. If this hormonal level is increased, pregnancy test becomes positive. In the first month of the pregnancy, it contains 5-50 MIU/ml. But at the end of the pregnancy period, it can cross lakhs.

Know why the test becomes positive without pregnant

1. Some of the girls may have Germ cell tumors. Such as Dysgerminoma. This is the name of a tumor in the ovaries. HCG hormones are abnormally exposed to this disease. Then pregnancy testing will be positive. Because at this time the HCG level is very high.

2. Similar phenomena happen in trophoblastic tumor such as Hydatiform mole, choriocarcinoma, etc. In this case, happen same things, increase HCG level, then pregnancy test results will be positive. It may seem she is pregnant. But it’s not true.

3. Where the insulin is produced in the body, there may also be some tumors that emit HCG. In this case, the test can be positive.

4. Promethazine tablets are available in the market with the various name for stop vomiting. Pregnancy tests can be positive if she eats the tablet. It was seen that a girl used the tablet due to vomiting, or stopping Motion sickness. After coming down from the bus she feels little bit dizziness and does vomit. Then test the pregnancy. In this case, there may also be a false positive result.

So pregnancy test is positive means she is pregnant, it’s a wrong concept. Keeping the above points in mind, the matter must be ensured. In that case must be under the supervision of the doctor.

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