2017-Top Topics Discussed On Facebook

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Facebook is the biggest social media. Worldwide, there are over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users. People discuss their personal life, the political side, see news and views other opinions. So if something discusses more on Facebook, we can take it as a viral issue.

There have a few days to end the year. Now is the time of look back. So what has happened in the year 2017? The top social media Facebook knowing us- 2017 top topics discussed on Facebook-.
international_womens_day 2017 Top Topics Discussed In Facebook

International Women’s Day

This year, women issue discussed a lot. Therefore, the movement started with the social media against sexual harassment with hashtag me too (#MeToo). Which women have broken the silence and turned it into a global movement, Time Magazine has announced the women as ‘Person of the Year’. But the most discussed topic on Facebook was International Women’s Day. Facebook published a report that 8 March was International Women’s Day and people discuss it more than other topics.
super_bowl 2017 Top Topics Discussed on Facebook

Super bowl

This is America’s highest game. This game is played on the first Sunday of February. Facebook authorities said- Super Bowl video has seen more than 262 million views on this platform.
lasvegas_attack 2017 Top Topics Discussed on Facebook

Las Vegas attacks

The attacks were carried out in an open street concert in Las Vegas, United States. It has happened in early October. A gunman named Stephen Podak operated this attack from the nearby hotel. As a result, more than 58 people were killed in this attack.
mexico_earthquake 2017 Top Topics Discussed on Facebook

Earthquake in Mexico

A seasonal earthquake occurs twice September in Mexico. One is September 8 and another is September 19. Of the 19 September earthquake was 7.1 dimension. As a result, more than two hundred people were killed in this earthquake.
one_love_manchester 2017 top facebook discussed

One love Manchester

A concert named “One Love Manchester” was held on June 4 in the Old Trafford, United States. Ariana Grande and other pop stars performed in this. On Facebook, this concert was live broadcasted. This is the most watched video on Facebook in the year 2017.
trump 2017 Top Topics Discussed on Facebook

Announce Jerusalem as Israel capital city

6 December Donald Trump declared the Jerusalem as Israel capital city. It’s the most desirable place for 3 religion peoples. Most of the Muslim countries opposed the Trump decision. A US pop-star cried for Palestine. People discussed a lot about it on Facebook.

Source: CNN

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