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2 Important Ways To Stay Healthy In The Old Age

2 Important Ways To Stay Healthy In The Old Age

Stay healthy in the old age is the most common expect for everybody. Even when we’re young, sometimes we think about it. But we didn’t think deeply, it’s deep thinking for an old man. How to he can pass a good time, how to he can stay healthy in old age, how to he’ll relieve from the loneliness, who will be his friend, who will spend his time to gossip with him. So I wrote the article on how to stay healthy in the old age.

How to stay healthy in the old age

See below stay healthy in the old age, here I’ve described two ways. Hope that I’ll add more ways for the old man. As a sons or daughter we should enough take care of our parents.

old_marriage stay healthy in the old age
1. Marriage: In old age, people have many problems. There are many diseases. Loneliness added to it. Another member of the family gets so busy, so they can’t give enough time to an old man. No relative, no friends, all sons are busy – so the old man feel alone and it’s the cause of mental problem also. Especially in dementia, it spreading rapidly into the old person when they feel alone. A group of researchers from the University of Edinburgh University in Britain said their way of getting healthier. Their research has said that in the age of dementia, marriage can be released from loneliness. Researchers claim that marriage of old age helps to stay mentally healthy in the new touch of friendship.

According to the University of Edinburgh, it has been said that married life and absolute friendship help keep the memory of old people. Marriage work as a medicine to alleviate the Alzheimer’s disease at an early age.

The research team of University of Britain research on 6500 people and they spend 8 years on their research. As well as the research on the Alzheimer’s victims, they saw some signs among the elderly. For example, in the middle age, hearing decreases, old man gradually sink in depression. Then experts say, married life reduces the risk of elderly Alzheimer’s. Besides, they also said that there are a lot of benefits while having close friends.

2. Exercise: Do you want to stay strong in the old age? Then exercise regularly at the young age. The secret of having a healthy physique at an aged age is hidden in regular exercise at the young age. This is exactly what has happened in a new research.

The research was operated by the old athlete and old non-athlete people. Who was an athlete in the young and who wasn’t an athlete in the young. The research is done with the older athletes and non-athletes.

Geoff Power, the principal researcher at the University of Ontario Guelph University, said that the special aspect of the research is that exceptional participant.

The researchers have shown that on average and an athlete older people leg is 25% more strong than non-athlete people. Not only that, at least one-third of the muscles are feet of older athletes compared to non-athletes. They also have more physical power. Their agitation does not diminish in old age. Rather, they feel uncomfortable if they do not work.

The study was published in the Applied Physiology Journal.

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