13 Ayurvedic Ways To Decrease Weight

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Decrease weight or control weight for a smart people. Weight will remain in control only when our digestive system is properly formed. So today we will discuss some of the food and its qualities, which plays healthy body and weight both regularly and accurately.

This method will decrease weight. Then why wait, let’s just read the article carefully.


1. Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are great benefits to decrease weight. If you drink lemon juice and honey mixed with a glass of hot water, then the weight is in control. This drink helps decrease hunger, expels toxic from the body, and decrease weight quickly without harming any major thing.


2. Peppercorn

Want to add a little magic to lemon and honey? Then get help from peppercorns. As the power of lemon-honey mixed doubles, when you’ll eat lemon-honey, you may be sick of cold, but if you mix peppercorns you’ll save from cold but it’ll help to decrease weight. So, by drinking lemon juice and honey mixed with the rules, do not forget to add peppercorns powder.

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3. Cabbage

Does salad love eat? Prefer Continental? So there is a habit of eating a little raw cabbage. Have you taste cabbage with peas? Uff, so tasty, if you think water comes out. Well, you know, cabbage works great to keep weight under control. It is said that the consumption of raw cabbage can control weight than cooking cabbage. However, nowadays the rate of which pesticides are being used, we should be cooked and eat any vegetables.

4. Eat vegetables that will help in digestion

The main reason for fatty-weight is that digestion isn’t in the proper way. So we have to take food that helps digestion. For example- ginger, papaya, ejector curry, garlic, and chili. As these vegetables increase the level of taste in our food, so much improvement in the process of digestion also works great.


5. Follow rules to eat useful spices

Are you too much health conscious? Do you use little bit spice in curry? But then there is a problem! In fact, many of us think that spices are bad for the body, but not the least. Because Indian spices are rich in various medicinal properties. For example- cumin, coriander, corn syrup, peppercorn etc. So it is very good to use these spices on daily meals.

6. Protect yourself from the dizziness

There are people who are suffering from stomach problems. There is someone else who suffers from a disease. In both cases, the stomach is not clear because of all the problems. dizziness Disease is that going to the bathroom repeatedly, discomfort in the body, fatigue, unhealthiness in food and no digestion properly, to get rid of such problems, Ayurvedic quality herbal ingredients should be eaten regularly. Such as yellow, Triphala, tritic etc. These are regularly used to make the stomach clear, increases digestion capacity and the weight is in control.

7. Fasting

We have eaten much of the whole week, is not it? But have we counted how long we’ve passed by fasting? According to Ayurvedic medical science, it is very necessary for us to fasting one day a week. It removes toxins from the body and increases digestion capacity. But do not spend the day eating anything at all. Vegetables, light soup, green tea, lemon can eat them.


8. Herbal Ingredients

There are several herbal ingredients, which help us increase digestion. For example- Haritaki, Behera, Amlaki, Basil, Aloe vera etc. If you use regular these ingredients, it increases digestion capacity. As a result, the weight is in the control. Now all these components are available in capsule form.

9. Ginger

Have ginger eating habits? How to eat, Surely by cooking? Yes! That’s a pretty good practice. But have you ever eaten raw ginger? So start eating raw ginger from today. You can also mix honey with Ginger. Because of this, ginger helps in melting excess fat. As a result, there are weights in the control. So it is very important to eat ginger on an empty stomach.

10. Kulatto Kolai

Kulatto Kolai is kind of pulses. Isn’t weight loosing? Then, of course, start eating Kulatto Kolai. Take a cup of Kulatto Kolai and sink in water all night. Boil the next day at noon. Once boiled, add onion and bitter sake salt. Likewise, eat it for 45 days. Do not forget to leave a day!

aloe vera

11. Alovera Punch

Do you know how many weight can decrease Alovera? If you want to decrease weight then make Alovera Punch at home. To make Aloe vera Punch- add Alovera juice, turmeric powder, cumin powder, gulp powders, and Haritaki powder to a glass of water. Even if the water is a little hot, there is no harm. Now you have to give one spoon honey. Then drink it. Do not eat any other food for an hour after drinking it. Drink this regularly until you get the weight as you want.


12. Drink tea to make digestion

Only if the digestion is good, the weight will be in control. So it is very important for us to drink a special type of tea to keep good digestion. So, if we want to make this tea, we will need a little quantity of cumin, an equal amount of coriander and fennel. The amount of these ingredients should be taken with 1/2 spoon. Now, these ingredients should be boiled in a vessel for 5 minutes. Now you have to keep this water in a flux and eat it a little bit all day long. This drink helps to increase digestion and decrease weight.

13. Eat all tasty food

Do you eat every kind of tasty food every day? I would ask this question because it is very important to keep these things in mind too. Each food has different taste as well, so their food quality is different for everyone. For example, a variety of different qualities are found in the taste of sour, pungent, sweet. Therefore, it is very important to keep each of these tastes on the daily diet list. As the digestion process improves, so there are weights in the control.

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