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11 Important Ways To Stay Healthy – You Must Know

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Stay healthy and be happy. Healthy mean keeps the good body. To keep good health follow the appropriate rules and take health-appropriate food. Many contaminated microbes enter the human body in a variety of ways and it’s the cause of disease. For the disease our body becomes sick and we lost freshness. This is why people are getting weak and can’t live long. So the rules for health care must be followed and food should be taken. Here is now being discussed.


11 Important Ways To Stay Healthy

Method 1: To keep the body healthy, in the free time it is useful for the body to spend some time in the morning and in the evening to enjoy the free air. Early in the morning, it is necessary to wake up before sunrise. Should not sleep for more than eight hours a day. If more or less sleep is harmful. Day-sleep should leave.

Method 2: There should have plenty of light and air in the house where you live. Light and air are always important for the people. The house should be kept clean so that the air is not contaminated. Do not live in damp-haired homes, they can attack various diseases. Clothing, bed and accessories should be kept clean. The mind will always be happy.

carrot stay healthy
Method 3: After eating lunch at least half an hour you need to take rest. Don’t sleep immediately after eating at night, should walking sometimes. Should be laid down before 10 PM. After eating at night need to travel a bit.

Method 4: Every day should be bathed. If there is any disorder or disease, do not take bath. To stay healthy it’s necessary.

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Method 5: Labor is beneficial for the body. But it is not good to work for more than seven-eight hours. Food and rest needed for labor. Those who work hard, they should have some regular rest. For example, traveling on a freeway or swimming place, swimming etc. Adolescence and youthful exercises have to be done. However, it is harmful to practice more than 40 years of age. The best exercise is to travel at this age.

healthy_food_1 stay healthy
Method 6: Excessive anxiety, night awakening, alcohol, smoking, junk, drink etc. are extremely harmful to the body.

Method 7: In morning and evening, there should be a closet. It should be kept in mind that at least once every day there is a closet. If constipation, then eat that food which helps to create coset, such as fruit, vegetables, wood apple etc., creates a suitable stool. They have to eat those foods. Regular laxatives should not be used.

Method 8: Drink clean and pure water. The water container should be covered with a vessel all the time.

Method 9: Always keep mind light. Don’t pass time through depression. It causes damage to the body. Therefore, it is necessary to talk with friends, sports, music etc.

apple_and_rose stay healthy
Method 10: Sometimes it is beneficial to spend two or even a day eating a light meal. Good to eat at a certain time every day. Irregular eating is harmful to the body.

Method 11: The amount of food must be reduced in old age. If you eat many at that age, there is diarrhea or blood pressure.

If you follow above rules, hope that you’ll be able to lead a healthy life. Don’t forget to share the article on your family-friend and social networks.

Writer: Dr. T Bhattacharya

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