10 Easy Ways To Become Happy

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Who doesn’t wants to be happy? We all want to be happy like ourselves. The key to happiness is in your own hands. This advice was given by Associate Professor Mekhla Sarkar of National Mental Health Institute.

1. No more negative thinking

Tomorrow your exam and tonight you have thousands of anxieties in your mind, most of which are negative. Keep yourself away from such though thinking. Not only that but also keep far from negative people and negative discussion. Because you will understand your circumstance, there is nothing to be easily influenced by other words.

2. Do not compare yourself to others

This kind of thinking reduces your own mental strength to ‘he has the thing, why that’s not mine’. Frustration will work for you in the long term. So remember, everyone’s is not genius is one thing. Someone has a talent for learning, and in someone on sports. So try to develop your talent.

3. Love yourself

give_time_yourself happy
Learn to love yourself first. Keep the time allocated for yourself. Visit some places or practice favorite hobbies. Read your favorite books or listen to favorite songs. Or cook something for your family.

4. Stay positive

The way you do the job, the result will be the same. Read it in mind. Assure yourself without worrying about what will happen on the last afternoon. Each event has two aspects – positive and negative. Try to find positive aspects all the time. You can see the good part of yourself.

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5. Eat properly and sleep

The body and mind are dependent on to another. So try to follow a specific routine. Such as moderate food and sleep. Apart from this, physical exercises or yoga can be done every morning or in the evening. This can reduce a lot of anxiety. If body fresh, the mind will be fresh.

6. Enjoy time with family and friends

pass_time_with_friends happy
Spend time with friends or family. Discuss with them. The two sides will be happy. There are many things that we feel comfortable to express to a friend than a loved one. So travel with a friend for a while.

7. Let some things go

Eliminate those ideas that – all time you will be first. Think about the time and keep in mind that, ‘Good things are waiting for you.’

8. Be grateful

When you return to the end of the day, think about how successful you are. Many people are struggling to get your life right. Criticise yourself.

9. Cooperation with others

Many people suffer from the near people. But try to think, why did that person do this? It is possible to do this from sympathy. So always try to understand the problems of others by not seeing your own issues.

10. Trust yourself

However, you have the ability to understand yourself. Keep far all negative thinking and say- ‘I’ll win the end of the day!’. Be confident. Life is not the bed of roses so keep dare to tackle all hazards.

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